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In my role as the President of the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, I’m deeply entrenched in the issues that affect the citizens and businesses of Matagorda and Brazoria counties, the counties of District 25. I believe it’s important we have someone in the Texas House that truly represents and promotes our interests. 

I will fight for Texas families. I have spent my entire career helping Texas families in any way that I could. I have worked closely with legislators for years as the President and CEO of the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, as well as other roles I have been blessed with.

As a father of 3 and grandfather of 6, I know how important our families are. We need to bring families back to our counties and make them excited to live here. Part of how we do that is continuing the fight the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association and the 10% increases each year. We also need to focus on the increasing flood plans and work together with the entities working separately. I'm also concerned about our teachers and how we can help them, without hurting the tax payers. 

There are so many things at stake right now. You need someone to fight for this area, someone that knows this area. Someone that knows the rural health care needs and someone that will fight for the needs of our Texas farmers and ranchers. That person is me. 

To accomplish all that we want to accomplish, I need your help: We are proudly a grassroots campaign, dependent upon your gracious donations of any size ($5, $10, $100, any amount is welcome). 


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